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We have returned!!

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Happy Father’s Day

Happy Father’s Day to all the good, hard working Dad’s out there, including both of our fathers.

They both sacrificed

for their country

and families

so that we may all have better lives.

Thank you!

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Milwaukee Art Museum; Calatrava designed wing; inside view

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Deadwood, South Dakota

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So Long Tavern on the Green…

Never had a meal here, but had snacks and drinks on several lovely spring days. Loved the lighting and mirrors…

NY’s Tavern on the Green restaurant bites the dust

NYC's famed Tavern on the Green closing Play Video AP – NYC’s famed Tavern on the Green closing

A pair of decorated wooden elks stand in a hallway as members of the waitstaff AP – A pair of decorated wooden elks stand in a hallway as members of the waitstaff emerge from the kitchen …

NEW YORK – Tavern on the Green, once America’s highest-grossing restaurant, is singing its culinary swan song.

The former sheepfold at the edge of Central Park, now ringed by twinkling lights and fake topiary animals, is preparing for New Year’s Eve, when it will serve its last meal. Just three years ago, it was plating more than 700,000 meals annually, bringing in more than $38 million.

But that astronomical sum wasn’t enough to keep the landmark restaurant out of bankruptcy court. Its $8 million debt is to be covered at an auction of Baccarat and Waterford chandeliers, Tiffany stained glass, a mural depicting Central Park and other over-the-top decor that has bewitched visitors for decades.

Even the restaurant’s name is up for grabs. At stake is whether another restaurateur taking over the 27,000 square feet of space, owned by the city, can reopen as Tavern on the Green.

For 75 years, since it first opened amid the Great Depression, the Tavern has attracted clients from around the world.

“This reminds me so much of Poland!” exclaimed Vermont resident Meg Kearton as she entered for her first time in late December. “It reminds me of a restaurant in Warsaw — the grandeur and the colors.”

She came for lunch a few days after Christmas, whose green and white colors fill the Tavern’s year-round wonderland of lights, flowers and ornamental curved bull’s-eye mirrors.

Hanging over the main Crystal Room, an all-glass dining area, is a century-old chandelier made of green glass, said to have been owned by an Indian maharajah. A reindeer whose antlers are decked with red and green ornaments stands at the entrance, and outside is a huge King Kong topiary.

Former owner Warner LeRoy, befitting his heritage as son of a producer of “The Wizard of Oz,” searched the globe for the whimsical goods after he took over the Tavern’s lease in 1973. He died in 2001, and his wife, Kay LeRoy, and daughter Jennifer LeRoy are now the owners.

As the end of the family’s operating license approached, the city sought competing bids.

The LeRoys lost to Dean Poll, who operates the stylish Loeb Boathouse restaurant overlooking the Central Park lake and offered to invest $25 million on Tavern renovations. The city awarded him a 20-year license in August, citing his vision and significant capital investment.

The LeRoys, employing more than 400 unionized employees with full benefits, couldn’t match that. As the recession hit, they accrued more than 450 debtors.

A spokeswoman for the company running the Tavern on the Green auction said the LeRoys couldn’t be reached for comment Tuesday.

The decisive moment in the intellectual-property dispute comes in January. That’s when a Manhattan federal judge will either side with the city and rule that the moneymaking name Tavern on the Green, valued at about $19 million, belongs to whomever operates the space or say the LeRoys own it.

If the city loses, Poll will use the name Tavern in the Park, creating a new menu of American cuisine with fresh seasonal ingredients and reopening by March, said his attorney, Barry LePatner.

“We’re going to bring the park into the restaurant,” said LePatner, by eliminating the thick shrubbery around the premises to reveal Sheep Meadow, where the animals grazed until 1934, housed in the Victorian Gothic shed that is part of the restaurant.

Everything that fills the current restaurant will be for sale starting Jan. 13, at a Guernsey’s auction.

Some of the items were once a backdrop for private milestone events as well as public celebrations from film productions and political gatherings to the special carb-loading dinner on the eve of the New York Marathon.

Recently, as many as 1,500 meals could be served a day, with dinner entrees costing $26 to $42 on a menu heavy with meat and potato dishes, plus standard seafood and a few forays into foreign fare such as risotto.

Not everyone drips with praise for this “tourist trap,” as one blogger on the Web site Yelp called it.

A fellow Yelp blogger didn’t mince words: “Besides my risotto being just eh, and besides finding a small bug on my plate, I had a fiasco getting my jacket from the coat check.”

That didn’t deter a smiling Diane Allen-Smith from coming for a lunch with her husband in December, three years after their Tavern wedding, on a visit from Boca Raton, Fla.

“Our wedding food was wonderful,” she said. “And we didn’t have to do anything for the rest.”

A New York magazine reviewer once asked, “So what if the Eisenhower-era menu is strictly an afterthought?”

But the things that annoy some about Tavern on the Green are exactly what made it irresistible to fans, including three generations of a family from New York’s northern suburbs.

“My parents brought us here,” said Lisa Holz, who brought along her daughters, 4-year-old Kayla and 7-year-old Lisa, and her husband and parents.

It would be her last time at the old Tavern on the Green, and she got sentimental.

“When I was little,” she said. “I remember getting tears in my eyes when I looked at all the lights and colors.”

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Beer….and a bear.

Bear Run! Black bear chills in Wis. beer cooler AP *

ago HAYWARD, Wis. – Shoppers in a Wisconsin grocery store got an unexpected surprise when a 125-pound black bear wandered inside and headed straight for the beer cooler. The bear stopped Friday night at Marketplace Foods in Hayward, about 140 miles northeast of Minneapolis, sauntering through the automatic doors and heading straight for the liquor department. It calmly climbed up 12 feet onto a shelf in the beer cooler where it sat for about an hour while employees helped evacuate customers and summoned wildlife officials. Officials from the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources tranquilized the animal and took it out of the store. Store workers say the bear seemed content in the cooler and did not consume any alcohol.

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Still August.

But it is 58 degrees!

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Milwaukee Ukulele Festival

September 26, 2009

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Milwaupaliukes does not have cable tv, so periodically a relative records programs of interest.  Between episodes of Shark Week and Deadliest  Catch, Milwaupaliukes has one thing to say:


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Poor Elvis

This would be a good day for Elvis to come out of hiding.

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Sunday Morning


Sunday newspaper

Iced coffee

Blueberry muffin

Beach Boys on the ipod


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Milwaukee Mayor attacked! WTF!!

Milwaukee mayor wounded after being hit with pipe

MILWAUKEE, Wis. – Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett was in the hospital on Sunday after he was attacked by a person using a metal pipe as the mayor and his family left the Wisconsin State Fair.

Barrett was in stable condition Sunday at a local hospital and was alert and talking when he arrived there on Saturday night, the Milwaukee Police Department said in a statement. It did not provide more details, and a spokeswoman for the police department did not have any further information.

Police said Barrett was leaving the state fair on Saturday night when he heard a woman crying out for help in the city of West Allis, about six miles west of Milwaukee.

Police said Barrett began calling 911 when the suspect who was attacking the woman charged at the mayor and began hitting him with a metal pipe. The suspect then fled the scene, authorities said.

The woman was not injured, and police were still searching for the suspect, who has a criminal arrest record, authorities said.

No other details were immediately available Sunday.

(as reported from the AP)

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Well Played

So long Les Paul, the Wizard of Waukesha, Wisconsin.

The world was a better place because you were in it.

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Alaska Sampler

A little something from the journey – this is a photo Milwaupaliukes took in Glacier Bay National Park in July 2009. It was our third trip to Alaska, but everything seemed fresh and new. The time spent in Glacier Bay was stellar – nice temp, blue sky, with views of mountains all around.

Glacier Bay National Park 2009

Glacier Bay National Park 2009

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Remember Big Country?

We have the ipod on shuffle mode and are enjoying listening to the 80’s band Big Country. Anyone remember them? Are they still around?

Favorite Big Country songs:

1 – In a Big Country (great song for road trips!)

2 – Chance

3 – Harvest Home

4 – Fields of Fire (400 miles)

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It’s been awhile….

Milwaupaliukes has been quite busy lately, hence no time for posting. We recently journeyed to Alaska again and were awed by the breathtaking scenery.  Hopefully the trip has provided us with inspiration for song writing – we seem to have hit a brick wall.

However, we did get to watch a few movies and read a few books.

Here is a selection of those:

BookTime Traveler’s Wife (interesting; looking forward to the movie in August)

BookColony – enjoyable, nice beach reading for females

MovieNight at the Museum 2 – fun! 2 thumbs up – Go see it!

MovieNanny Diaries – 2 thumbs up! funny and sad; proof that money does not buy happiness.

MovieSex and the City – how could Carrie end up w/ horrible Mr. Big?? He’s going to dump her when the next young thing comes along.

MovieFight Club – This was a weird one.

Current books we are reading

Travels in Alaska by John Muir

Pawley’s Island by Dorthea Benton Frank

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Memorial Day 2009


*World War II Memorial, Washington DC*

Milwaupaliukes #1’s father is an Army veteran of WWII and

was a POW (captured at the Battle of the Bulge);

he spent 20+ years in the Army

and was stationed around the world.

Milwaupaliukes #1 was in the Air Force for 4 years.


**Korean War Memorial, Washington DC**

Milwaupaliukes #2’s dad spent 4 years in the

United States Marines and is a Korean War veteran,

one of the Chosin Few.

*Thank you members of the United States Armed Forces.*

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What is it about the drive thru?

What is it about the drive thru that causes Milwaupaliukes to break into hysterical laughter? It started probably 2 years ago when we visited the Burger King drive thru for onion rings after a band rehearsal. We had difficulty ordering and flew into a fit of hysterical laughter….which continues to plaque us each time we visit BK. We begin rehearsing what we will order…and then the laughter begins.

So the other day we thought aha! Let’s try a DIFFERENT drive thru – then we won’t have this problem! So after attending a business mtg, instead of eating IN a restaurant, we made a run for the border at the Taco Bell drive thru (had to get home in time to see the last hour of the Idol finale.) Well…we fared even worse. Milwaupaliukes#1 could barely get any words out while he was talking to the speaker – he was laughing so hard. Well, witnessing this caused Milwaupaliukes #2 to join him in the hysterical hilarity. Me eyes were watering from laughing so much. Perhaps Milwaupaliukes is losing their minds and sanity?

BTW, the tacos were muy bien!

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Danny Gokey Day in Milwaukee

Well yesterday was Danny Gokey Day in Milwaukee. For those of you living on another planet in our solar system or perhaps outside our solar system, Danny is one of 3 finalists from this season’s American Idol. He is a Milwaukee native, terrific singer, and positive representative of Milwaukee. Proof that we are more than just cheeseheads and crazy Packer fans.

Unfortunately, Milwaupaliukes were not able to attend the events, due to our work schedules (although we are thankful to be employed.) However, Milwaupaliukes were able to see Danny in route from the Summerfest grounds to Miller park. We waited along Wisconsin Avenue, along with many other fans, for a glimpse. Fans shouted at passing cars to vote for Danny; fans held up signs proudly; cars honked for Danny (as instructed by the signs); visiting Chicago Cub fans probably wondered what the heck all these people were doing hanging along the avenue. But they seemed to be enjoying it also. Then the police escort arrived, along with the stretch SUV and Danny hanging out the window. Fans went wild. Milwaupaliukes took a few photos.

Then Danny was off to the Brewer’s stadium, where he sang a great, traditional rendition of the National Anthem. Then the Milwaukee Brewers clobbered the Chicago cubs. Well, maybe not clobbered but the Brewers WON and the evil cubs LOST.

The weather was perfect for the events of the day, mid 70’s in Milwaukee (hey we had snow once in May). And did we mention the cubs LOST and our Milwaukee Brewers WON???

See Danny’s day in Milwaukee on Tuesday night’s American Idol. Look for the scary looking Bronze Fonz statue, the Harley Davidson Museum, the Elvis motorcycle, the Les Paul guitar exhibit, the incredible Calatrava Art Muesum, the screaming fans, the Green Bay Packers etc.


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